2020 Totalitarianism Now

    Today, right here and right now, we are facing the reality of the creeping rise of totalitarianism that has been slowly encroaching on us, like a cancer, over the last few decades.

    What is totalitarianism ?

    You can call it marxist ideology, communism, socialism, technocracy, new world order, great reset, corporatism, or by many other names, but what it all boils down to is “TOTALITARINISM”.

    That means total control over you and all aspects of your life.

    All these ideologies must achieve many aims including-

    • Destroying free speech.

    • Destroying free thought.

    • Destroying your right to choose.

    • Destroying health freedoms.

    • Destroying freedom of religion.

    • Destroying economies.

    • Destroying freedom of travel.

    • Destroying any and all freedoms, constitutions and civil rights.

    • Destroying freedom of the press.

    These ideologies reduce you to no more than cattle on a feedlot to be shuffled from pen to pen and medicated and implanted with whatever your overlords dictate.

    There have been untold learned people over the last few decades warning us of these insidious doctrines and they have been labelled as “conspiracy theorists and nut jobs” by the corporate media in an attempt to label, stigmatise and silence them.

    This again is another major plot right out of the marxist playbook, nothing new here.

    But you can no longer ignore this as it is now right out in the open for all to see, is anyone looking?

    All these so called world or globalist bodies are now seeing this contrived and planned pandemic not as a tragedy but as a “great opportunity for the reset of society and the new world order” to be implemented.

    This communist manifesto is re-branded and repackaged for today and centred around the world economic forums “great reset agenda”.

    This private group made up of billionaires, corporate and banking interests, led by klaus schawb,

    are calling for total control over you and all aspects of your life down to the finest detail.

    They seem to know in all their glowing magnificence what is best for mankind and we are supposed to bow down and worship their grand vision for world enslavement.

    For enslavement it is and just another excuse for the rise of world totalitarianism that will result in billions of deaths and untold suffering, this time around “world wide”.

    The rise of starlin, mao, pol pot, hitler, north korea and many others all promised a great vision for humanity and social order but what actually happened was exactly the opposite, and resulted in more deaths through genocide in the 20th century than all the wars through history.

    This great reset or new world order or whatever they re brand it as, is just the same old stuff we have seen and heard before, and will no doubt, lead to the ultimate example the greatest genocide of all recorded history.


    A great re-branding job has been done on this outdated idealism to bring it inline with today.

    This ideology rose and was quickly squashed by public protest in the 1930's.

    It had it's rise at the same time as hitler and the third reich, in the same basement in the USA, as IBM that developed the punch card computer used by the nazi nasties to control the movement of their livestock (the Jews).

    As the name implies the control mechanism of this movement uses technology to control populations and if this doe's not sound scary in the extreme its should., and ring very loud alarm bells as well as flash multipal red lights.

    The internet was instigated by it's founders to provide mankind with the uncensored and unbiased views and information of individuals to empower and enlighten mankind.

    The founders of our modern free internet sought to have protections in place to protect free speech and information, but like all else it has been corrupted by technocratic organisations with vested interests.

    Now it is corrupted and is being used against us.

    Thirty years on and what do we see ?

    • An internet censored and controlled by gatekeepers such as google, and all these disinformation logarithms (re- our view only, no others).

    • Social media platforms that are nothing more than social programming for the masses designed to control and channel what you think and do.

    • An internet that now has the ability through AI logarithms and 5g to track trace and control all human life on Planet Earth.

    • Social credit systems being developed for these logarithms along with AI to facelessly and coldly enforce any government mandate, and automatically penalise you for any infraction (up and running in China with help from google).

    • An rapidly evolving environment where a book can be burned or a person cease to exist by simply pushing delete.

    • A rapidly developing faceless and unaccountable world government control system that can not be stopped once it has been initiated, and could hold complete control over life or death for billions at the press of a button.

    • An internet with wireless systems that is rapidly turning into the monster that can eat us.

    • Our data now being harvested about everything we do and people willingly handing all information about themselves, their friends, their contacts, photos of their lives, their communications etc to facebook, google and twitter to be stored and used against them in the future.

    Transhumanism that seeks to implant us with technology and connect us to the internet, brain implants at birth to wirelessly control us, micro-chipping, etc, etc, and so many other high tech Orwellian goodies await the faithful.

    A Hunger Games World where, whoever survives, the ordinary citizen, only serves an elite class.

    All this and so much more is in store for us in this dystopian brave new future.

    We are rapidly sailing onward just as the unsinkable ship raced at full speed towards the iceberg that fatal night more than 100 years ago, with the experienced Captain effectively asleep at the wheel.

    Artificial intelligence is a cold heartless monster programmed by it's creators to do it's will over the people and there is no appeal against it's sentence.

    The programming is final.

    Look at the response to coronalvirus world wide and the implications and the agenda it has really uncovered and exposed like rocks and stinking mud at low tide.

    • This virus is not the black death, the spanish flu, captain tripps or the doomsday virus.

    • It has killed much less than 0.001% of the population.

    • The media campaign of fear and terror of “the cases”, people testing positive, not sick or crashing and burning in the streets.

    • The only way life will return to normal is a vaccine that we all MUST BE JABBED WITH to end the plandemic.

    • The control mechanism of mask wearing as a sign of submission to the technocrats control over us.

    • The complete takeover by communist dictators in many nations and nation states such as Victoria Australia (a glaring example).

    • The world economic forum declaring this pandemic a great opportunity to seize control.

    • Bonnie prince charlie and others calling for war on fossil fuels and calling for us all to be plunged, literally, into a new dark age to “fight climate change”.

    • China's propaganda of millions of sick and dying, that were not, and people dropping dead in the streets who were not.

    • How quickly the globalists moved in on this pandemic shows it was a planed event to crash economies, enact and enforce global vaccination programs, take global control of all sovereign governments, create a system of submission and advance their agenda of global enslavement.

    I could go on and on, but I hope you are getting the idea on this.

    Corrupted Science On A World Wide Scale

    No science is ever settled.

    No debate will be entered into” is never a rationale to be accepted.

    When you are told that the science is settled and no more debate will be entered into, then that is the time you know for sure that the science is fake and must be debunked.

    No debate will be entered into because they could never win it.

    How many times in the past has science been wrong ?

    Too many to count.

    Profiteering, deception, control, death and suffering, as well as conflict of interest are the outcomes of settled science.

    When anyone speaks out regarding it's failures and is censored and stigmatised it is time to look critically at exactly what this science is and the evidence behind it.

    The imperial collage of london is a prime example of this with their time and again flawed studies and projections on climate change.

    Now the world health organisation and the governments of this world shut us down on the study and computer projections done by them on coronalvirus and it's spread and death count.

    When all the people did not die, but only the dying were dying of this (dying with not from) they changed the narrative to “CASES”, which is now totally irrelevant to the initial narrative.

    The new pandemic is testing positive to increasingly “proven to be flawed tests”.

    You do not even have to be sick to be a victim, isn't science wonderful in this brave new world of Orwellian double speak and double think !!

    Hydroxychloroquine was proven to be “a deadly drug” for early treatment of coronalvirus due to trials on dying people using massive overdoses, the trial was authored by a science fiction writer and published by a reputable medical journal.

    It was quickly debunked and removed, but to this day this false trial somehow is still quoted as proof hydroxychloroquine doe's not work.

    The science is settled.

    Australian politicians banned it also in regards to this study ??

    (who are they to give us medical advice, the new age doctors)

    Fauci himself during previous sars outbreaks recommended it.

    Now as well as running the NIH, Fauci is also on the board of the gates foundation.

    Now 'only a vaccine will do, we must wait for a vaccine to return to normal ?????'

    Conclusion- if there was a treatment we would not need a vaccine, conflict of interest anyone ????

    Nothing suspicious HERE ????

    The vaccinations they are charging ahead at warp speed are at best extremely dangerous.

    New RNA DNA technology on one hand, that has never been proven in use for humans, and on the other ordinary vaccines for coronalviruses that have been proven deadly in the past in animal trials.

    Now they skip animal trials, very convenient.

    Big pharma corporations and anyone connected to them is exempt from liability for any adverse effects.

    If a billion people suffer adverse effects or die these corporations make billions of dollars and face no liability whatsoever.

    Are you happy for your children or loved ones to die or suffer serious disability with no recourse to anyone government or corporate.

    You must be jabbed but when you do you are on your own, TOTALLY.

    This is science today all you so called pro vaxxers, remember that.

    You are on your own with no one to call for account.

    Cry in the wilderness all you like, there is no-one to hear you.

    Climate change and vaccinations are just two of the examples of settled science, that are emerging from this, that we must unsettle and start investigating impartially and without conflict of interest.

    The Australian government and others called for an investigation into communist china over the coronalvirus.

    The WHO handled the investigation.

    That is like hitler being asked to investigate the third reich !!!!

    Communist china is a major contributor to the WHO as well as the gates foundation.

    The WHO as we all know, kowtowed to and promoted china, putting them on a pedestal and standing them out as a shining light in the darkness, when there was a lot more than a suspicion that the virus originated there.

    Fauci the NIH and many others are tied to this spider web of virus enhancement and have the financial and technological ties to the CCP wuhan lab.

    The gates as well as many other globalist foundations ran a simulation of outcomes in relation to corona virus right on the eve of the outbreak.

    Now the world must stand up and say no more, ever, to any virus enhancement projects.

    No more to spider webs of conflict of interest deceit and lies.

    If this could be properly investigated (which I am sure it would not) the spiders web and the stench of corruption would be world wide, and shock every person on Earth to the core.


    .......By Paul Hurtado......

    Bundaberg Queensland Australia

    Copyright Paul Hurtado.